Trombonino donate 1.4

Source:Jérôme Chabod

Play the trombone with your android device!

Trombonino is a virtual pocket trombone for your android device. You can play the trombone anytime anywhere. You probably won't play it for performance and it won't replace a real horn, however it's very useful to train your scales, learn tunes, check you alternate positions, or even improvise over your favourites tunes, from beginner to professional.

This application is strictly the same as the free Trombonino application. Buy buying it you will help the project.


- realistic slide movements and effects
- true slide positions with real ratio
- F trigger (press search, trackball or enter)
- three different skill levels
- touch the screen or blow to play
- show alternate positions
- highlight scales and vibrate on wrong notes
- free, ad-free and open source

How it works:

- move your finger horizontally to move the slide, move vertically to change partial.
- either touch and release the screen to play/stop sound or blow in the microphone
- press search, trackball or enter to activate the F trigger

This application is open source. Visit to learn more.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 22:40:06
File size:0.54MB
OS:Android 1.5 and up

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